Melanesia project

TerraCircle involved in new project in Melanesia

TerraCircle has facilitated the 2007 Project Startup Workshop of the Melanesian Farmer First Network in Wewak, PNG.

The project aims to provide more effective farmer centred services in the rural areas of Melanesia to improve food security and livelihoods. This will be done through NGOs gaining increased support, knowledge and connections between themselves and other stakeholders.

The project consists of four components:

  • Component 1: Enhance the sharing of knowledge and experiences between partners and through local sharing networks.
  • Component 2: Increase the linkages of partners to external resources, organizations (GO and NGO) and information in order to improve their programs and their influence as a regional group networking to address wider issues.
  • Component 3: Engage in advocacy and influence in the region and beyond on farmer centred approaches in Melanesia by taking partners’ experiences and issues to a wider audience.
  • Component 4: Effective network and project management.

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