TerraCircle—people centred development

TerraCircle is a consultancy providing services to development assistance, government and non-government organisations.

Our main area of activity is the Melanesian region of the South-West Pacific.


TerraCircle is a Melanesia specialist with a team of experienced development practitioners providing:

  • training in rural livelihoods
  • improved small scale farming to organisations and communities
    project management services
  • media services.

The TerraCircle team bring experience in programme administration, food security and nutritional health projects in Melanesia and other regions.

TerraCircle is providing technical assistance to Kastom Gaden Association when needed to provide food security services across the country.

Find our collection of manuals, reports, papers, brochures and articles that contribution to the discourse about the practice among development and aid agencies.

TerraCircle produces:

  • reports for donor agencies
  • teaching manuals
  • handbooks.

TerraCircle works with…

Kastom Gaden

The Kastom Gaden Association works with Solomon Island communities to improve their food security.

Planting Material Network

The Solomon Island Planting Material Network (PMN) is a farmer network to share planting materials among village farmers.

Seed Savers' Network

A not-for-profit organisation based in Australia to conserve, in culture, seeds of traditional varieties of plants for food and other uses.