Training Manuals

TRAINING TOOLS for Pacific Island Communities

Produced as the series, Training Tools for Pacific Island Communities, the manuals were produced for the Solomon Island Kastom Garden Association training staff. Editing, some writing, conversion into competency-based learning format and design by Russ Grayson, TerraCircle consultants.

seeds_02Community Seed Saving

Written by Emma Stone who spent periods working with the Solomon Islands Planting Materials Network, a farmer’s seed saving and plant propagation network, to improve the operation of the Network.

Emma’s latter period with the Network was as an Australian Youth Ambassador, a program set up by AusAID.

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Improved Household Gardening Skills

Ideas to improve the productivity of home and bush food gardens so as to improve village food security and family nutrition, based on the LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) model of small-scale farming. Illustrated.

Published by Kastom Garden Association, Solomon Islands 2003
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ipm_oct03Integrated Pest management

Written by Kastom Gaden Association program manager, Roselyn Kabu, included are traditional and modern approaches to the organic management of Pacific island crop pests as assessed during an AusAID-funded project on Malaita.

Published by Kastom Garden Association, Solomon Islands 2003
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chook_04Kai Kokorako

Written by Australian chook specialist, Russell Parker of PermaPountry, this is a manual illustrated with line drawings and photographs that describe the keeping of chickens for subsistence and market in the Solomon Islands.

Includes breeding, housing, pests, and feeding with local resources. The manual may be applicable to other Pacific islands in the wet maritime tropics.

Improved chicken keeping for food and income
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