Melanesian specialist

TerraCircle is a Melanesia specialist with a team of experienced development practitioners providing:

  • training in rural livelihoods, improved small scale farming to organisations and communities
  • project management services
  • media services for community self-development.

Our focus is on food security and the associated area of community health.

TerraCircle provides consultancy services to:

  • non-government aid and development organisations
  • humanitarian and emergency response agencies
  • multilateral and regional bodies
  • government organisations
  • field staff of agricultural extension services
  • groups and individuals in communities.

TerraCircle provides…


Making use of participatory techniques, TerraCircle provides training in:

  • planning and improvement for community food security; training in food security assessment and small scale farming using the Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture methodology
  • the development and operation of community-based seed banks and seed exchange services.

Project support services

  • project feasibility studies, project planning and management including evaluation and documentation
  • participatory assessment for sustainable food futures and livelihoods
  • (see: Weather Coast assessments)
  • village energy systems assessment
  • production and design of media products such as training manuals.

Media services

  • training publications for small scale agriculture, project cycle, seed production and exchange
  • organisational communications – brochures, reports, project profiles, fact sheets, newsletters
  • content for online media such as the Worldwide Web.

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