Community health services

It is difficult to engage in development and self-help activities without a high standard of community health.

Community health is based on the:

  • health of individuals
  • health of families
  • access to health services
  • access to information about healthy living
  • access to a diverse diet
  • access to training in diversified farming and semi-subsistence gardening.

In the South Pacific and other developing countries where families continue to rely on the productivity of their subsistence gardens and purchases at local markets, a nutritionally balanced diet can be attained if a suitable mix of crops is grown. In turn, crop production depends on the maintenance of fertile soils.

This is why TerraCircle focuses on improving the productivity and crop diversity of home and bush gardens as well as small-scale cash cropping.

Most education in community health stops at the blackboard with exhortations to eat a mixed diet. But TerraCircle trainers take it further by training participants in improved methods of producing a mixed diet in their own gardens. With only a little training, participants can produce a diverse diet for themselves.

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