Broiler production 2008-2011

Improving village broiler production in PNG

The project is funded by ACIAR and runs from 2008 to 2010.

Project Overview

The village broiler farming sector in PNG imports most feed ingredients, despite a doubling in production costs due to the devaluation of the Kina and transportation cost rises.

Suitable local alternatives, such as:

  • copra meal
  • fishmeal and
  • palm kernel meal2

are available within PNG.

An earlier ACIAR project led by SARDI working with the PNG National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) developed a supplement of fishmeal and copra meal (plus minerals and vitamins) which when combined with 50-80% of local ingredients (e.g. sweet potato) makes up a whole ration.

This project builds on this work to improve broiler production and profitability, developing on-station a range of best-bet feeding options, evaluating on-farm feeding options incorporating local feeds, and promoting their widespread adoption.

TerraCircle is working with SARDI in the final phase of this project on the testing and extension of results to farmers.  The low-cost and lightweight feed concentrate has good potential for micro and small-scale poultry farmers to improve their production and livelihoods.

PNG has a large network of out growers who raise small numbers of broilers using a high external input model. While very successful in some areas, this model has limited reach to more isolated areas with difficult transport access or to smaller producers more focused on local markets.

Collaborating institutions:

  • National Agricultural Research Institute, Papua New Guinea
  • University of Technology, Papua New Guinea
  • Christian Leaders Training College, Papua New Guinea
  • Lutheran Development Service, Papua New Guinea
  • Salvation Army Agricultural Development Program, Papua New Guinea
  • Ok Tedi Mining Ltd, Papua New Guinea.

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