Planting Your Seeds brochure

Planting your seeds to improve your family’s health brochure explains how to save your own seeds. The brochure was produced by Russ Grayson in 2001 for the Solomon Islands Planting Material Network, and funded by AusAID Community Peace Restoration Fund following the intercommunal conflict.

Plant your seeds

Plant seeds to improve your family’s health.

  • soak the seed in water for half an hour before planting
  • make a hole that is twice as deep as your seed
  • place a seed in the hole and cover it with soil
  • pour some water over the covered seed
  • pour on more water as the plant grows
  • harvest the vegetable to eat when the plant has fully grown and leave some plants to flower and go to seed

Save your seeds

Save some of your seed for replanting and sharing with other farmers.

  • collect the seeds from the plant after it has flowered and grown
  • put the seeds in a dry place and leave them to dry out
  • you can plant the dried seeds in your garden
  • share some of the seeds you have saved and dried with other farmers in your village.