Micro Grants

How to apply for a TerraCircle Micro Grant

TerraCircle provides micro-grants to worthwhile projects which promote and are compatible with the aims and ethos of our organisation.

The grants of up to approximately $1000 are flexible and targetted at reaching people at the grassroots level who might not be reached or assisted by conventional aid programs.

Proposals for grants must be submitted by a TerraCircle member or Associate who have a personal connection to and knowledge of the proposed project.

Some examples of TerraCircle Micro Grants:


HF radio for ‘Heden’ Communities in East Kwaio Malaita

TerraCircle provided a grant to Kastom Gaden Association for the provision of an HF radio into very remote and isolated farming communities in bush areas of Malaita. The radio aims to link active farmers in this area with the services provided by Kastom Gaden and the outside world in general.  Traditional faith communities have often been totally bypassed by development opportunities. This HF radio unit will be the first to be placed in a traditional faith (non-Christian) community.   TerraCircle members took part in an assessment in these communities.


Micro Loan for Jedom Organic Products in Honiara, Solomon Islands

A small and soft terms loan was provided to Jennifer and Doni Kelly and their small Honiara, Solomon Islands based business called Jedom. The loan was used to purchase two new electric fruit driers and provided some needed cash flow for expansion of their small business. Jedom purchases fresh fruits such as pineapples, pawpaw and banana as well as the indigenous ngali nuts and dries them to produce a range of products including organic muesli, dried fruit and nut packets.

The business is providing an outlet for farmers from remote parts of Guadalcanal and has very good potential for growth. Indigenous people in Solomons face many challenges in starting small businesses.  We thought this one was worth supporting. Consumers have been very happy with the quality products.  Jedom started this product line with technical support from Kastom Gaden Association.

When repaid this loan with form the start of a revolving fund managed by TerraCircle for other agriculture related small business in Solomon Islands.

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