Agriculture Livelihoods 2009-2012

Impact Assessment AusAID Community Sectory Program Agriculture Livelihoods

Program started early 2009 and will continue for three years


TerraCircle member Tony Jansen is working with Phyllis Maike in support of the AusAID Community Sectory Program (CSP) Agriculture Livelihoods Component in Solomon Islands.

The team work on impact assessment of a wide range of program activities using participatory approaches.


The CSP Agriculture Livelihoods program includes a number of targeted projects including:


  • vanilla farming
  • value chains development for various key crops
  • cocoa improvement
  • rural market places
  • DME coconut oil extraction
  • fruit and nut tree extension services and
  • support to Kastom Gaden Association on root crop diversification.

Work started on impact assessment early in 2009 and is expected to continue for three years.

TerraCircle produces six monthly impact assessment reports for CSP as well as regular rapid reports following field work.

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