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TerraCircle provides writing and editing services, online content and publication design and layout to organisations in Australia and overseas.

Publications for Pacific Island communities

Despite living in a world awash with information, it remains difficult for community development and agricultural trainers in the South Pacific to find pertinent, concise and useable information to assist them in their work.

Much good work by non-government aid organisations as well as the government goes undocumented and is lost to development workers and trainers.

That is why TerraCircle publishes training material as part of its development work. We know that producing manuals and other material in print and online formats make it available to others and help build a practitioner’s knowledge base of use to the wider development aid community.

Training Tools for Pacific Island Communities

TerraCircle produces:

  • reports for donor agencies and reports on the activities of partner organisations
  • teaching manuals under the Training Tools for Pacific Island Communities series for use by South Pacific trainers consisting of lesson plans, teaching notes, flip chart illustrations for photocopying and instructional material designed to be adapted and put to use by development professionals, agricultural extension staff and others involved in the development of communities
  • handbooks, lined to the trainer’s manuals, for trainees.

The publications are based on actual techniques trialled and developed in the field by the Kastom Gaden Association, Solomon Islands Planting Material Network and TerraCircle.

As well as manuals, TerraCircle produces other publications of interest to development professionals.


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