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Zai na Tina Organic Farm

Dr Shane Tutua talks about why he promotes organic farming.

Shane is the owner of Zai na Tina Organic Farm.

Our Seeds — the trailer

Video by Seed Savers’ Network

This is just the first 3 mins of our 57 min documentary on traditional food plants, that we shot in eleven countries. We took all the footage and made it in our editing suite in Byron Bay, Australia in 2008. “Our Seeds” has been shown on television in ten Pacific nations and on cable television in Manhattan NY in January 2010. We offer DVDs of “Our Seeds” for sale and work papers at

Welcome to The Seed Savers’ Network of Australia

The Seed Savers’ Network is an Australian-based organisation established in 1986 to preserve local varieties of useful plants. There are more than eighty Local Seed Networks for local gardeners around Australia. We are also active in forty countries so far. See About Us where you will find an overview of our activities, the countries in which we have worked, our story so far with archives of our work and how you can get involved. See also an overview of our Permaculture roots.

Founders, Jude and Michel Fanton, have authored and published three books, “The Seed Savers’ Handbook”, “Local Seed Network Manual” and “Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools” and produced a one hour documentary, “Our Seeds” – purchase our publications or film. Our new documentary “Our Roots” that we filmed in Vanuatu for CIRAD the French research institute will be out soon. Please use the resources we offer at no cost to you and without sponsored links.

Film clips from our seed travels

We have filmed and produced hundreds of clips and uploaded them to Seedsavers Youtube channel. You may view just 38 of them in the media player below. Topics include home seed production, unusual varieties of food plants on markets, food production and distribution systems. The large main frame is the first three minutes for our one-hour documentary “Our Seeds”.

View the full 56:55 minute video

Origins of and cultural practices around Bananas

Video by Seedsavers’ Network, 2008

Bananas originate in South East Asia and Papua New Guinea.

They are an every-day food for some people.

Hindu in a temple of Subramanya once a year, their priest caste eat food on banana leaves in the temple along with thousands of other pilgrims and when the bell rings, everyone eating ceases eating and walks out. In come pilgrims rolling on the ground across the leaves in the belief that any skin conditions they have will be cured.

They roll in the left-over food literally and in a kind of trance. It is an interesting belief system that we respect.